Shubham Jewellers Rehti Easy Gold Jewellery Scheme

Read the whole Document carefully before applying for Easy Gold Jewellery Scheme
SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI presents the Easy Gold Jewellery Scheme (“Scheme”), a unique scheme in which you can purchase jewellery by paying 10 (ten)equal monthly installments as low as Rs 1,000/- (or higher amounts in multiples of Rs 500), and purchase jewellery at a fixed discount at the end of the 10th month of enrolling in the Scheme.
  Any individual willing to make advance payments of at least Rs. 1,000/- or more (in multiples of Rs. 500) per month, for purchase of jewelry, is eligible to enroll under this Scheme.
  1. (1). Either , Customers who enroll in this Scheme shall be entitled to purchase SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI Jewellery of a price equivalent to the advance payments remitted by the customer under this Scheme, at the end of the tenth month from the date of commencement of this Scheme (as applicable to the concerned customer); at a discount equivalent to 55% of 1 (one) month's installment paid by the customer under this Scheme. (2 ). Or , for the first installment , you only need to pay 45% of the amount opted by you . The subsequent installment (2nd installment to the 11th) should be for the full amount.
  2. The Scheme is valid for a period of 11 (eleven) months from the date of the customer's enrollment in the Scheme. For e.g., in case a customer enrolls in the Scheme on 1Jan 2019 and pays the first installment on the same date, then the maturity date of the Scheme, as applicable to such customer, shall be 31October 2020, which is the end of the tenth month, from the date of enrollment by such customer in the Scheme.
  3. The monthly advance payments should reach the showroom no later than 3 (three) days of the customers' enrollment date under this Scheme, and thereafter, on the same date of every succeeding month (“Payment Date”), during the tenure of this Scheme. For e.g., if a customer pays his / her first installment on 2 February 2015 than automatically such customer has to pay the second installment on 2 March 2015, thereafter on 2 April 2015, and so on.
  4. Customer would be entitled to a discount on purchase price, only in case he / she has made at least 6 (six) monthly advance payments. In case the customer fails to pay a monthly advance payment on or before the Payment Date, the discount as provided to the customer under (2) above, shall be reduced in the manner as provided below: If a customer pays 10 advance payments than 100% of one month's installment , 9 advance payments than 70% of one month's installment , 8 advance payments than 50% of one month's installment , 7 advance payments than 30% of one month's installment , 6 advance payments than 25% of one month's installment It is expressly clarified that the customer shall be entitled to redeem and purchase jewellery only for the amount paid by the said customer under the Scheme plus such discount, as applicable. Further, the customer shall not be entitled to any discount whatsoever in case such customer has not paid at least 6 (six) monthly advances pursuant to the Scheme.
  5. This Scheme is applicable only for purchase of: (i) SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI diamond studded 18k / white gold jewellery; (ii) spiritual collection; (iii) platinum jewellery; (iv) solitaires and (v) 22k gold jewellery.
  6. This scheme is not valid for purchase of gold and silver coins and bars, or any other product other than those listed in (6) above.
  7. Under no circumstances, cash refunds will be made to the customer. The advance payments paid pursuant to this Scheme can be redeemed only by way of purchasing the SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI jewellery, as listed in (2) above.
  8. Payment of monthly advance(s) should be made in cash or by way of demand draft/ cheque, in favor of “Shubham Jewellers ”, payable in the Rehti.
  9. Customers who enroll in this Scheme and who wish to discontinue making monthly payments or opt out of this Scheme before the eleventh month shall be entitled to purchase jewellery at our with  the price displayed, and no discount shall be provided on such purchase, and such purchase shall be subject to the conditions mentioned in (29) below.
  10. In the event that a customer withdraws from the Scheme prior to the end of the tenth month, such customer shall not be entitled to adjust the advance payments made by such customers and avail of any benefits under any existing / future scheme of the Shubham Jewellers, which may be available at such point of time.
  11. Customer is eligible for purchasing the SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI jewellery as soon as the customer's 10th month advance is paid and credited to the Shubham Jewellers ac, and at the end of the 10th month from the date of commencement of the Scheme. Subject to clearance of the cheque or demand draft paid by the customer, the customer can collect SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI jewellery so purchased, from our  store.
  12. In the event the customer does not purchase the SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI jewellery and redeem the advance installments made by the customer, at the end of the tenth month from the date of commencement of the Scheme (as applicable to such customer), the Company shall conclude the sale by issuing gift vouchers of the Company equivalent to the amount of advance payments made by such customer as on such date. Such gift vouchers shall be sent to the customer along with discount vouchers equivalent to such discount that the customer may be entitled to, under this Scheme, to the address of the customer, mentioned in the enrollment form, by way of courier or registered post.
  13. No additional return / benefit / discount shall be provided under this Scheme, other than as explicitly provided herein.
  14. At the time of joining the Scheme, each customer will be given a passbook, which he /she is required to keep under his/ her safe custody at all times. Customers should ensure that all payments made by them are correctly entered in the passbook and any discrepancy should be immediately brought to the respective showroom manager's notice for suitable rectification. All advance payments made under this Scheme shall be paid only at the SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI store .
  15. The customer must carry the passbook at the time of paying monthly advances and redemption of such advance payments. If passbook is not shown during these situations, the claim / transaction will be deemed invalid, and SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI shall not be entitled to redeem the advance payments by permitting the customer to purchase SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI jewellery in accordance with this Scheme.
  16. In case the passbook is brought to SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI by any other person who is not the customer, in whose name the passbook has been issued, or is not such customer's designated nominee, then SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI is not responsible for the redemption / maturity / closure proceeds being handed over to such holder/ bearer of the passbook. Therefore, all account holders should keep their passbooks in safe custody. The passbook is non-transferable.
  17. In the event of loss of passbook, the customer has to immediately inform the concerned store to block the customer's account immediately. SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI shall issue a duplicate passbook to the customer, upon the customer making a payment of Rs.500/- as charges, for issuance of such duplicate passbook.
  18. At the time of redemption / premature closure, the account holder has to personally visit the SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI store which had issued the passbook to the said customer, along with the original passbook and appropriate identity proof for redeeming the advance payments made by such customer and purchasing the SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI jewellery. Customer shall submit his / her identity proof at the time of redemption of advance payments.
  19. Prepayments of monthly advances in a lump sum and redemption with discount thereon before indicated date of maturity in the passbook will not be allowed. If the customer wishes to prepay all the monthly advances by making a lump sum payment, he/she will be eligible to purchase the SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI jewellery with the discount mentioned in (2) above, only at the end of the tenth month from the date of commencement of this Scheme, as applicable to the concerned customer.
  20. No account / balance transfer shall be made under the Scheme to another person other than the original account holder.
  21. In the event of death of the account holder, the account is transferable only to the individual(s) whose nomination has been filled by the account holder in the form at the time of opening the account. In case the account holder does not nominate any individual, any claim(s) made by any other individual(s) on behalf of the account holder will not be entertained. The nominee claiming the balance in the account can avail the balance only on submission of government recognized identity proof (such as a driver's license, PAN card, passport, etc.) to the showroom, proving his identity as the nominee.
  22. SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI will not be responsible or liable to send reminders for payments.
  23. Bank charges and any other charges in relation to dishonored cheques shall be borne by the customer.
  24. Free gift / discount issued during the original sale, will be deducted at the time of buyback / exchange after valuation as per the prevailing policy.
  25. Buyback and exchange policy of SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI products shall be governed by our existing policies, as defined by Shubham Jewellers Rehti. Please ask the sales executive for a detailed explanation of these policies.
  26. Redemption / foreclosure of scheme cannot be made by cash disbursements, and shall only be undertaken by purchase of SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI products.
  27. In the event that the customer wishes to withdraw from this Scheme, he / she will be eligible to purchase diamond /platinum / gold jewellery equal to the value of monthly installments paid by the customer under this Scheme, less: (i) 10% of the first advance installment, which is a deduction towards the administrative charges incurred by the Company and (ii) the value of the silver coin given to the customer at the time of enrollment in the Scheme, in case the customer does not return the same to the Company.
  28. The rate of gold will be based on the SHUBHAM Jewellers REHTI prevailing rate of gold prevailing on the date of purchase or redemption, whichever is later.
  29. Subject to (31), this Scheme will not be linked to any other, existing or future scheme / offers.
  30. The General Exchange Policy can also be availed in conjunction with the Scheme. Please ask the sales executive for a detailed explanation of these policies.
  31. Shubham Jewellers reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  32. Shubham Jewellers reserves the right to alter, amend, add or delete part or whole of the privileges of the Scheme without prior notice to the customers.
  33. Shubham Jewellers liability under the Scheme, is limited to the monthly advances paid by the account holders and accruing discount as per the Scheme and conditions laid thereon, and thus not lead to any other assurance or warranty whatsoever.
  34. Disputes if any, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Budhni only, to the exclusion of any other court's jurisdiction.
  35. This Scheme helps you plan in advance to buy jewellery for wedding / other auspicious occasion.
  36. Goods and services tax(GST) and other Government levies shall be borne by the customer.
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